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The Movilizer Enterprise Mobile Platform

Mobile apps 3x faster: The Movilizer Enterprise Mobile Platform is the fastest way to develop, deploy and run enterprise mobile apps. Mobility delivers business improvement and innovation, but the technology is complex and fast-moving - the Movilizer Platform gives you the agility to react to changing requirements without compromises.

Step 1: Any business process

The Movilizer Enterprise Mobile Platform gives you the power and flexibility to build mobile apps for one or many business processes on a single scalable infrastructure, with a common architecture and using the same development patterns, skills and tools.

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Step 2: Any device or channel

Our cross-platform mobile processes are built once and run anywhere, from traditional ruggedized PDAs to the latest smartphones and tablets, netbooks, laptops and desktops. SmartSync technology means you can run offline, online or an intelligent mixed-mode. Our multi-channel technology separates your mobile business processes from the mobile technology, so your mobile apps will work, without change, on today's, tomorrow's and future channels such as glassware, smart watches, in-vehicle, etc.

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Step 3: Any business system

The Movilizer Enterprise Mobile Platform has been architected to provide agile integration with any enterprise backend system, whether that be a package business system, such as SAP or, or a specialist best-of-breed solution, or a bespoke system. Either way, your mobile app can mash-up data, business logics and functionalities from multiple backend systems into a single, simple user experience for your employees, partners, suppliers or customers.

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Step 4: Core capabilities of an Enterprise Mobile Platform

The Movilizer Enterprise Mobile Platform provides the core capabilities and tools to build, deploy, and run mobile apps for any process, any device/channel and any backend system. Our Build capabilities include design, cross platform development, and testing tools. Deploy capabilities include monitoring, security, and scalability; and Run includes multiple backend integration, smart synchronization and multi-channel support. These core capabilities allow you to build faster, deploy faster, and run faster on a robust platform delivering operational excellence.

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Step 5: Build your own mobile apps

The Movilizer Enterprise Mobile Platform gives you all the tools you need to mobilize your business processes using your existing skills and knowledge on a single platform. With the Movilizer Platform you can build mobile apps in your backend systems using your existing skills, tools, policies and procedures. You can build mobile apps using SAP ABAP, Microsoft .NET or Java, etc.;you can use HTML5 or you can combine both for speed, power and flexibility.

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Step 6: Out-of-the-box business apps and connectors

The Movilizer Enterprise Mobile Platform has out-of-the-box integration for many common business systems and technologies, such as SAP,, .NET and Java. For SAP mobile we also have over 300 mobile processes available to support mobile field service and mobile asset management, mobile sales and delivery, mobile warehouse management and mobile logistics as well as mobile employee self-service. With out-of-the-box apps you can be up and running in days, or you can customize them to your specific business needs.

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How we do it
The secret to be faster: the Movelet
and our cloud architecture

With the Movilizer Enterprise Mobile Platform mobile apps are built up from Movelets – a description of your mobile business process built in your backend system using the Movilizer Connector. Movelets are deployed to user’s devices by the Movilizer Cloud and then run on the device using the Movilizer Client – a secure container app which creates a personalized mobile app for the end user out of one or more Movelets. The Movilizer Cloud architecture means you don’t need any new infrastructure for enterprise mobility, although you always have the choice of an on-premise cloud.

Learn more 1: Build Movelets 2: Sync and deploy Movelets Run Movelets

Why the Movilizer
Focused means faster

The Movilizer Enterprise Mobile Platform manages the complexity of mobile technology and separates your business process from the mobile technology. This allows you to focus on designing the best mobile solution for your business requirements while our mobile platform manages and optimizes the technology. The capabilities of the Movilizer Enterprise Mobile Platform deliver enterprise apps 3x faster – faster to build, faster to deploy and faster to run.

Faster to build:

Movilize it yourself
The Movelets are your source code.

Reuse your skills
Get your programmers up to speed in 5 days.

All development in one place: your backend
Reuse your software logistics and existing governance.

Faster to deploy:

"0" new infrastructure
No new servers, no VPN, no load balancers, etc..

Build once, deploy everywhere
Deploy the same Movelets to any device across multiple channels.

Push version changes on the fly
Update your app in seconds and become ultra agile.

Faster to run:

Run it on private devices – Bring your own Device (ByoD)
The Movilizer Client connected to the Movilizer Cloud empowers “Bring Your Own Device” policy and it is the fastest way to connect external agents and subcontractors to your system without buying corporate mobile devices.

Works online and offline
Make sure your users can use it always, even when offline.

Scale it up to thousands of users in seconds
With the Movilizer Cloud you can ramp-up enterprise mobility from few pilot users to thousands of users within seconds.

Ultra-fast mobile app performance and synchronization times
Maximize the end user adoption by providing the fastest possible mobile app.

Who movilized it
Faster customers and partners

The benefits of 3x Faster are different from customer to customer and from industry to industry. Learn how our customers and partners are using 3x Faster to deliver real business benefits and competitive advantages.

Coca Cola movilized it

Coca Cola chooses Movilizer as a strategic mobile platform for North America. The Movilizer platform will be used to roll out mobile applications to over 25,000 users including delivery drivers, full service vending drivers, and field service technicians connected to SAP.
Learn more here - Download PDF

BAT movilized it

"We selected the Movilizer because we knew that speed was crucial in order to roll-out a mobile scanning and printing solution for track & trace to over 40 countries and hundreds of warehouses. Movilizer allowed us to roll-out each warehouse within days with zero infrastructure footprint."
- Jens-Oliver Hunkel, Western Europe Track and Trace Lead at British American Tobacco. London (UK)

GDF movilized it

"Before we introduced the Movilizer, we were used to timelines of months or even years. Now with Movilizer being used in 7 different projects within our group, we are getting used to speaking in weeks or even in days."
- Claude Pierre, CIO at GDF Suez – Energy Services. Paris (France)

Vestas movilized it

"Mobilizing SAP with the Movilizer was really fast. We could build the Movelets in ABAP and link them to our standard governance framework. Within weeks, and with only one part time resource from our side, we were able to roll out Movilizer to our external agents."
- Mogens Enevoldsen, Head of SAP Technology at Vestas. Aarhus (Denmark)

Bollinghaus movilized it

"Thanks to the Movilizer we are able to implement a real-time production data control, connected to SAP, in record time for our very complex and specific production process. We have assigned a single ABAP developer working full time and this person was able, with no additional resources, to have several customized mobile apps live, extremely user friendly. In this process, we developed a partnership with a long term plan to continue expanding the Movilizer, improving our information flow and, reaching out to many areas of the Business."
- Henrique Monteiro, Logistic Manager, Bollinghaus Steel S.A., Vieira de Leiria (Portugal)

Boasl movilized it

"Thanks to the Movilizer we were able to equip all our forklift drivers and production operators with mobile devices (PDAs and touch screen terminals). Updates with the Movilizer are a matter of seconds and we’ve had no downtime since we went live 3 year ago."
- Sonia Seerainer, Head of Logistic. BOSAL. Zaragoza (Spain)

Premier Foods movilized it

"I was really impressed with the engagement (relaxed/informative) and speed of the introduction of Movilizer for SAP workflow. With the help of our implementation partner The Config Team, we were able to shape our requirements in the first meeting and track this through to the go-live with the first business users (our group exec!) within less than 6 weeks. This was a record in our organisation."
- Trevor Barrett, Supply Chain IT Lead Premier Foods, Manchester (UK)

Royal Unibrew movilized it

"We were able to replace our old SAP mobile DSD solution with Movilizer for SAP DSD and roll it out to 120 delivery drivers with only 35 external consulting days. This was one of the most efficient implementations ever done at Royal Unibrew."
- Sten Knudsen, IT Manager, Royal Unibrew. Copenhagen (Denmark)