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Mobile Solution for Field Inspection Operations

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Honeywell Forge Inspection Rounds is an easy-to-use software solution that digitizes end-to-end inspection workflows. As part of a connected workforce solution using the Honeywell Cloud, Inspection Rounds brings greater efficiency and effectiveness to any business’s operator rounds.

Quickly schedule your field operators’ rounds. See at a glance everyone’s status in the field and assign tasks accordingly. Make better data-driven decisions through insights from superior analytics. And know immediately what equipment is having trouble, so you can proactively prevent downtime. 

With Inspection Rounds, you’ll experience increased operator productivity and safety, better compliance, and smoother operations – for a smarter, more connected, and more profitable business.

Field Inspection Challenges

Are your operator rounds delivering real value to your business?

Most field activities are paper-based

Field operators’ tasks are critical. They provide the insights your managers need to optimize operations, ensure worker safety, extend asset lifecycles, and improve plant performance.

Unfortunately, the true value of operator rounds eludes many industrial businesses. Why? Because most field activities are paper-based

Technicians manually record their observations on a piece of paper or printout. Later, they transfer the data to a computer after returning to the office. It’s an inefficient workflow at best. And it leads to missed equipment checks and errors – and a host of other challenges.

Why Inspection Rounds?

Why Inspection Rounds
Digitization of data

Digitization of data

Field inspectors no longer have to enter and maintain tedious paperwork. Information is now collected and stored digitally.

Speed to competency

Speed to competency

Brings speed and efficiency to cumbersome workflows and complex checklists, reducing human error and increasing competency.

Auditable compliance

Auditable compliance

Several industries are now setting very high regulatory standards. Inspection Rounds ensures proper documentation, tracking, and standardized data collection across the workforce.

Safety First

Safety first

Streamlines planning and scheduling of repairs, and identifies communication gaps and other challenges to help you mitigate risks and put safety first.

New Feautures Available now!

Intelligent Wearable

Intelligent wearable

Now customer can choose between handheld devices or wearables. IR has been optimized for the small screen of the wearable; and voice commands have been added to allow navigation and data entry using voice only.

Multi Language

Multi language

Now anyone can translate all parts of the application: mobile app, EasyConfig, Planning Board and reporting. The English language file can be downloaded as Excel file. Then translate the labels in to any language and upload the file again.

DynAMo Integration

DynAMo Integrations

The system now can be configured to send the round results and the round deviations to DynAMo Logbook. The system can be configured to send the round results and the round deviations to a historian system via OPC.



Now customers can manage their devices and users for Inspection Rounds from within EasyConfig (graphical interface in cloud portal). Till now this was only working via Excel upload.

Reading History

Reading history

Now during round execution operators can look the last readings per task using their mobile device. All readings from all devices & users are available in the history screen.

No lost data – runs in the device and in the Cloud

No lost data – runs on the device and in the Cloud

Inspection Rounds runs directly on your mobile devices so field technicians can capture data, whether they’re connected to the Honeywell Cloud or not. With wireless internet connectivity, you get real-time transmission of inspection data through the Cloud. And there’s no loss of data if the connection is lost. Inspection Rounds works offline and will automatically synchronize your data in the Cloud when connectivity is available.


Key advantages for Your Business

Out-of-the box experience

An exceptional out-of-the box experience

Extremely easy to integrate – an out-of-the-box solution specifically designed for industrial organizations. No coding or modifications needed.

Easy to scale

Easy to scale without limitations – now and in the future

Deploy to 10 devices or 10,000 – Inspection Rounds is that easy to deploy, use, and maintain. And because it’s a device-agnostic solution, it will scale to your needs, regardless of the devices you use.

Device agnostic

Honeywell’s complete line of rugged mobile devices

Include certified, non-incendive mobile computers designed for safe operation in hazardous industries. They’re ideal for bringing the power of Inspection Rounds into the field.

Honeywell’s Intelligent Wearable

Inspection Rounds works seamlessly with Honeywell’s Intelligent Wearable

This head-worn computer responds to voice and brings live data, work procedures, and health and safety information into view. 

Inspection Rounds gives you the flexibility to use your existing hardware assets. That won’t change. Use the computers and smart mobile devices that make the most sense for your business and your mobile workers. At any time, you can add the latest rugged mobile devices from Honeywell or another brand.

Device-agnostic, so you can maximize your existing IT investments.

Device-agnostic, so you can maximize your existing IT investments

Inspection Rounds works on any smart mobile device, computer, or smart wearable, on any operating system (Android™, Apple® iOS, macOS®, Linux®, Windows®).


Business Impact

Produce more. Prevent incidents. Protect workers. Predict what’s next. Honeywell can help.

With Inspection Rounds, you’ll deploy nimble, dynamic strategies in the field. Benefit from higher uptime. And make better data-driven decisions based on superior analytics. With every workflow, Inspection Rounds works as hard as you do to get the job done quickly, correctly, and safely.

Many field operator professionals use an ad-hoc approach to inspection compliance. It’s a mix of paper-based systems, clipboards, databases, and mammoth spreadsheets – all of which can put the visibility, accuracy, and reliability of safety data at risk. These ad-hoc compliance systems also hamper productivity. Safety managers may spend more than 50 percent of their time – in some cases, all of their time – collecting, analyzing, and reporting compliance information.

Inspection Rounds: A Faster, More Accurate, and Safer Solution

  • Ditch the clipboards for an automated solution
  • Performance and productivity streamlined
  • Reduce errors, speed up tasks
  • Make your workers’ jobs easier 
  • Achieve standardized, repeatable, and compliant processes
  • Deliver better productivity and efficiency for lower operational costs
40% Increase in Asset Uptime
Automated Compliance Delivers Safety and Productivity

Automated Compliance Delivers Safety and Productivity

  • Get constant visibility into your workers’ safety
  • Streamline documentation, reduce errors, speed up tasks
  • Train and retain employees with greater simplicity
  • Optimize workflows
  • Lower costs and improve productivity

Real-Time, Efficient Inspection Rounds

  • Centralized command and control of workers’ safety, productivity, and compliance
  • Promote preventive behavior
  • Anywhere, anytime real-time alerts
  • Streamline safety procedures
  • Minimize safety incidents
        30% Increase in Asset Utilization
        Better Trained + Better Technology + Easier Process = Greater Employee Retention

        Better Trained + Better Technology + Easier Process = Greater Employee Retention

        Our focus on a connected workforce helps better align managers and field workers with their tasks and provides access to standardized processes, real-time connectivity, and a state-of-the-art interface solution. This combination makes operator rounds user-friendly and easy to perform. It also creates an environment of collaboration, cooperation, and satisfaction on the job, all of which helps increase employee retention.

        The Analytics Ecosystem

        • Turn your inspections data into powerful business insights
        • Arm operations managers with the data to make better decisions
        • Anticipate and prevent potential future incidents
        • Optimize productivity and safety in real time
        • Root out and rectify negative performance trends
        • Access essential information easily
        • Get access to valuable insights virtually from everywhere
        Achieve 99.9% Real-time Data Availability Using the Honeywell Cloud

        Honeywell Forge Inspection Rounds

        Be compliant. Be efficient. Be safe.

        Contact us to schedule a live demonstration. We’ll show you how Inspection Rounds can digitize and transform your field inspections, helping you achieve your operational goals.