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Amazing what you can do with the right focus and skills

A 24h hackathon was one of the highlights again of the Movilizer Days 2017, one of Europe´s biggest enterprise mobility events. This year, more pressure was put on the 4 teams with tight restrictions and new technologies, all to boost their creativity. It's amazing to see what one can do with the right focus and skills at a very short amount of time. 

Movilizer 24h Hackathon 2017

20 professionals - a mix of employees and partners - joined to create innovative prototype apps, based on the Movilizer Platform. In only 24 hours the 4 teams designed a smart factory scenario in which a machine can automatically create maintenance tickets; they built a B2C app for power suppliers that gave customers more transparency of their consumption. A product recognition app allowed machine learning via image capture. And they presented a smart vending machine scenario that enabled automatic service tickets via a refill app. It really shows the potential of the Movilizer Technology, a mobile application enterprise platform (MEAP). What was also great to see is that all 4 team implemented some form of analytics to their solution, which really shows where technology is going.

Alberto Zamora, Founder of Movilizer sums it up: "the message of the Hackathon is that with the right skills and the right focus, you can get a lot done in a very short period of time.". 

John Waldron, CEO of Honeywell SPS sees a trend for mobile technology: "All four teams applied some form of analytics to their solution. That was really great to see and I think it shows where technology is going in our partner base and for our customers."

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