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Getting through the mobile tsunami into digital field operations heaven...

It is time for the 5th Movilizer Days. Hosted in Mannheim, Germany on December 1-3, the Movilizer Days event is offering an agenda that is traditionally fully packed with customer case studies on across all industries. Who is this event for? Well, anyone dealing with digital transformation within the scope of large scaled mobility and optimization projects.

Enterprises see their business model under pressure because of the increased importance of mobility and the need to further optimize their operations with enterprise mobile apps. Internal IT departments are challenged more than ever.The perception of the business that "apps are inexpensive and simple" forces them to deliver at the lowest possible costs quickly whilst they are facing increasing investments in tools, skills and capabilities to cater all the different flavours in the mobility market out there. But where to go from there?

Movilizer GmbH hosts it's annual Movilizer Days event to specifically address these issues. In the three days of the conference over 200 hundred companies are coming together to discuss, be informed and evaluate on mobility and process optimization. Movilizer customers are presenting case studies and examples of how they approached the challenges of the digital revolution. 

This year's conference will be looking beyond mobilisation and set more emphasis on show how companies can leverage on overall solutions to interconnect internal and external enterprise stakeholders like employees, partners, subcontractors and third parties and enable them to be more productive through better data, better system access and digitally enhanced processes.

"Across a series of operational domains, 'mobile' is creating pressure, but is at the same time delivering a potential for increased competitiveness. An optimized approach to mobile, not in an opportunistic way but in a strategic way, is key to protect and enhance a company's market-position. It leverages solutions that have been conceived from the ground up to deliver operational benefits and support of interconnected stakeholders" says Jan Vermeesch, marketing and sales director at Movilizer GmbH.

Companies like Coca-Cola, John Deere, Vestas, Orica and many more will show their optimized processes in the fields of Track & Trace, Service & Maintenance and Sales & Distribution. Further Movilizer GmbH offers live demos and hands-on workshops for their solutions to these areas. 

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