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John Deere: How we made our sales processes more efficient, accurate and complete

Movilizer developed and implemented a mobile cloud-based documentation management & product configuration application for John Deere, which now serves as a crucial support tool for their European sales team. With this application, John Deere field teams can meet the market challenges of being mobile and having access to important and up-to-date sales information and documentation online and offline, anywhere, anytime. Sales preparation time decreased from weeks to minutes.

In order to correspond with the current trend of becoming mobile and agile with and within its business, John Deere was looking for a mobile solution to support its sales business processes. The solution should be flexible enough to integrate complex, multi-media documentation into a mobile application and automatically synchronize it with every document update in the database. It should be accessible to all sales representatives, online and offline, at any time and place. It should also be able to distinguish between internal and external sales representatives, be available in several languages and differentiate content per country. At the same time, the solution should be flexible enough to expand the application with future features and developments, and be able to run on Android, as well as iOS-operated devices. The John Deere management wanted to be able to change the application content independently from the app developer. Finally, the solution must support John Deere’s high enterprise security standards.

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