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Movica TT enables civil explosives to be compliant at the push of a button

Orica has successfully rolled out the Movilizer Cloud across their European customer field operations to help them comply with the EU Track & Trace directive that obliged them to keep track of every single explosive down to item level. By implementing automated scanning processes with the MovicaTT Application, compliance could be achieved in the civil explosives industry and gives now new opportunities on how to utilize the app. 

In 2014 Orica, the largest global explosives manufacturer turned to Movilizer to collaborate on a project to develop a Track & Trace solution that enabled Orica's customers across Europe to comply with the EU directive for the civil explosives industry.

The requirements for the solution were clear:

  • It needs to be easy to use
  • It needs to be mobile and offline available
  • It follows the given process steps of explosives purchasing and processing


Movilizer and Orica partnered in this situation to develop an ultimate solution and built MovicaTT. This cloud solution enables Orica to avoid complex infrastructure on-site. It is highly scalable and available at low cost. As Movilizer is the basic technology to this solution it opens up other opportunities for Orica to leverage on Movica TT in different ways.

As Colleen Ning, Programme Manager EMCT at Orica, states: "Orica is the largest explosives manufacturer globally. So customers look to us for a solution. So for us it's a compliance element as well as an opportunity to get closer to our customer with our product offering."

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