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Movilizer Days 2015 - Save the Date!

Movilizer GmbH announces the date for the 5th Movilizer Days. The Movilizer Days will take place on December 1st - 3rd in the Movilizer Headquarters in Mannheim.

Movilizer Days is a 3-day conference hosted by Movilizer GmbH. In its 5th year the conference established itself as a well-known platform for enterprise mobility and the optimization of mission critical processes. It offers the possibility to network with true specialists, experienced leaders and CIOs. The event is proven to be highly informative for decision makers dealing with mobility and optimization topics in the era of digital disruption, customer engagement, always in touch and industry 4.0.

The focus of the 5th iteration of this conference is set on the building, deployment and execution of mission critical mobile applications. The Movilizer Days 2015 will address a wide range of industries from Automotive, Consumer Products, Beverages, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals to Manufacturers, Construction, Tobacco and Utilities.

The presentations will mainly be set around 3 major business process units considered to be the ones with a clear demand for mission critical apps: Track & Trace, Service & Maintenance and Sales & Distribution.

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