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Movilizer Days 2017 - Recap

Now in its seventh year, the annual Movilizer Days event has evolved from an intimate and informal discussion of Movilizer technology into a dynamic forum involving over 500 customers, partners with solutions developed on the Movilizer platform, industry consultants and Honeywell reseller and technology partners.


For this year, the key theme of the Movilizer Days was how the Internet of Things (IoT) and the mobilization of operational processes are transforming the way companies do business – be it in warehouse logistics, the supply chain, customer services or maintenance.

In addition to industry presentations, in the exhibition area, Movilizer partners demonstrated their mobility solutions and showcased innovative solutions, while delegates mingled and networked among the food station and exhibition stands.

For many visitors however, the highlight of the event was this year’s Hackathon, in which engineers and designers from four Movilizer partners applied and stretched themselves to deliver complete Movilizer cloud-based solutions over the course of an intense 24-hour time frame.


Day 1

Opening the plenary session was Stephen Gold, Vice President and General Manager of Connected Enterprises at Honeywell, who delivered telling insights into the IoT, big data and artificial intelligence. With the IoT fast becoming a reality but still subject to much hype and speculation, he addressed the opportunities it opens up, the challenges it poses, and its overall impact on business.

John Waldron, President, and CEO of Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions, set out how Honeywell looks to ‘Put the Customer First’, with illustrations of Movilizer and complementary technologies and solutions from across the Honeywell portfolio delivering value to customers in multiple industries.

An external perspective came from Jürgen Brixel, Senior Director of Manufacturing Industry for EMEA at Salesforce, setting out how the IoT can transform business operations and manufacturing.

For the afternoon breakout sessions, with case studies, technology updates and best practice illustrations, delegates split into tracks for The Connected Worker, focusing on field services, and The Connected Supply Chain, focusing on warehousing and sales. A third track was reserved for Movilizer Technology enthusiasts, with an introduction to the technology and its constituent parts.

After a special session to showcase new launch offerings from the Honeywell portfolio, delegates relaxed and networked over cocktails, a buffet dinner and entertainment from a live band.


Day 2

The second day featured an informative joint presentation by Jörg Bernauer, Managing Director for Movilizer Technology, and Hari Thiruvengada, Strategic Design Director for the Honeywell User Experience. Focus of their session was a detailed exploration of the newest version of the Movilizer platform, Version 2.6, covering new functionality, enhancements to the overall user experience, and the technology roadmap. Software and services provider Harvest Food Solutions showcased their new and comprehensive Direct to Store Delivery (DSD) solution, built on the Movilizer platform and designed to address the challenges for bakery delivery drivers.

Much interest, however, was reserved for the Hackathon presentations. After 24 caffeine and red bull-fueled hours of concentration, the 4 teams of developers and designers impressed and amazed the audience with demonstrations of their innovative prototype offerings for ‘A Smart Work Environment’. This year the jury award went to the team from Movicoders for their SmartMoviFactory app, which predicts breakdowns via M2M communication, encompassing temperature and humidity alerts and resource planning. ITQ won the audience prize for their FillMeApp, which improves efficiencies and increases sales of vending machines via M2M communication and the implementation of data analytics for considerations such as weather forecasts or event calendars.

In the afternoon the breakout sessions focused on Plant Maintenance, Delivery and Tracking, while the technology track moved from introduction to advanced levels.


Key Messages:

“Mobile Workers are the Face of the Company”

Companies with a mobile workforce – such as those in transportation, delivery and field maintenance industries – need to empower their workers and better connect them to the tools and systems they need, according to one panel of industry experts. This is particularly true not only for the logistics industry but also for service providers like regional utility or telecommunication companies.

Providing customer information to mobile workers will make the customer interaction a positive experience. Mobile productivity tools, connected to the cloud, will enable companies to capture and analyze that customer data.

“We are just at the beginning of an information revolution”

The business impact caused by cloud computing and the Internet of Things today is similar to the dawn of the Industrial age more than 100 years ago, as well as the computer revolution in the late 20th century, according to Stephen Gold, vice president and general manager of Connected Enterprises at Honeywell.

“We are once again on the cusp of a revolution – the Information Revolution,” said Gold. “Ninety percent of the world’s data was created in the last two years. What we’re really witnessing is the perfect convergence of things.”

The challenge, according to Gold, is that with all this access to various sources of data from the Internet of Things, many operations managers are becoming overwhelmed. This data is what Gold called “unstructured data,” such as text and video, which doesn’t necessarily fit into neat columns and rows in charts.

“This is the data that will unlock new opportunities for our businesses and change the way that we have to operate,” said Gold.

Companies that can harness this information, shift through it and identify actionable insights will be the ones that can deliver the value to their customers and ultimately succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

“Taking Direct Store Delivery to the Cloud is critical when dealing with goods with a short shelf-life.”

Software and services provider Harvest Food Solutions announced the launch of a new comprehensive Direct Store Delivery (DSD) solution, which was built on the Movilizer platform and designed for representatives carrying out bakery goods deliveries.

The new cloud software provides representatives with the critical information they need to run their daily routes. At the start of their morning, the reps will have direct access to route information, important messages and planned inventory details on their mobile device. With this information, they can make adjustments throughout their day to better serve their customers and streamline their workflows.

The Movilizer for Cloud DSD Solution can offer suggested orders for when representatives meet with customers and key market data to help them to best determine optimal quantities, which is critical when dealing with goods with a short shelf-life.



Movilizer Days was again a high energy, lively event where delegates were able to meet industry professionals, network, share successes and challenges, and gather new insights on how to transform the effectiveness of their businesses. Combining contributions from the immediate Movilizer user community and the wider Honeywell organization the event showcased Honeywell and Movilizer abilities to deliver value to customers in multiple industries as well as sharing perspectives and trends for an industry undergoing dramatic change and disruption.

We look forward with anticipation and excitement to what 2018 will bring for Movilizer customers across the world. 

Movilizer Days 2017 - Impressions

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