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Omega Logistics facilitates Logistics processes and increases Customer Satisfaction

For Omega Logistics, it's crucial to offer accurate, fast and efficient delivery to its customers, mostly in the healthcare sector. Recently the company developed an app in not even 2 months' time. It enables Omega Logistics to simplify its administration drastically, its customers have a real-time overview of deliveries and the company can respond more quickly to potential anomalies in the delivery process. These improvements result in a significantly higher customer satisfaction level.

Omega Logistics Case Study

Established in 2011, Omega Logistics has an extensive distribution network to pharmacies, hospitals, patients and other healthcare facilities. Since 2015 it is 100% part of the Jan de Rijk Group.

In order to further improve its services to the customer, Omega Logistics was looking for a modern mobile solution that could provide following key features and benefits:

  • PoD app for all mobile devices and OS
  • Connecting van drivers with back office
  • Traceability of trucks and vans
  • Decrease in administration: 8-16 h less per week
  • Real-time delivery information to customers 
  • Decreased operational costs

They came into contact with Movilizer for a PoD and tracing solution that could realize these requirements via an app that can run on all mobile devices and independent of the operating system.

Gerard van de Weert explains the benefits of the app: “With the GPS localization, drivers can be traced anytime and it enables just-in-time or ad-hoc delivery. That gives us more flexibility – customers can be added to the delivery rounds via the PDA. Additionally, drivers can forward delivery exceptions via the app. This results in a noticeable decrease in our costs.”

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