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Presenting the Graphical App Designer - a concept resulting from joint efforts between the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences and Honeywell Movilizer

In cooperation with Honeywell Movilizer, the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences have developed a smart concept for process-based modeling of mobile cloud applications: the Graphical App Designer (GAD)

Hochschule Mannheim - Fakultät für Informatik

The Graphical App Designer (GAD) showcases how it is possible to enable users and consultants, that have specific process expertise and process modelling skills, but lack the programming experience, to design, develop and implement applications (Movelets) for heterogeneous mobile front ends.

The GAD provides a modelling environment that adapts to process representations in the Busines Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) standard, and already during the modeling phase, ensures the generability and the functionality of the designs by using integrated validation and verification mechanisms. These models can be used by a platform-specific GAD compiler to generate the mobile applications (Movelets) on the Movilizer cloud side.

Read the full paper. 

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