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The Movilizer Story - A Decade of Innovative Ideas

Technologies influence the way people communicate - and that changes their behavior. Especially the Internet gives unlimited access to content and resources - and with a smartphone, we can use it from anywhere. Also organisations need to adopt to these new forms of communication and collaboration, in order to innovate their field operations and stay competitive.

Since 2006, Honeywell Movilizer offers smart mobile business solutions, based on a powerful cloud technology, and constantly integrates the big mobile trends into their offerings.


MOBILITY (2010 and before)
Movilizer's co-founders realized that mobility will define how people work and how businesses will reach their customers. But the market did not offer the right technology. So they took it on themselves to create one.

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform:

  • Cross-platform
  • Multi-tenant
  • Web service integration


MASHUPS (2011/2012)
The first customer projects launched successfully - and with them, the next step for Movilizer became clear. Companies needed to connect multiple back-end systems, technologies, developing languages or even third party companies. A new concept was born: Movelets. 

Cloud-enabled enterprise platform:

  • NoSQL
  • Movelet concept
  • Cross-company
  • Cross-system



Next to a mobile platform, Movilizer wanted to offer companies the complete package. Together with a strong partner network, Movilizer implemented out-of-the-box solutions. People, systems and machines collaborate with each other via the cloud. And senior management orchestrate their mobile strategies throughout the organisation. 

  • B2B & B2C out-of-the-box apps for mission-critical processes
  • Rules engine
  • IoT integration
  • HUB function


MASS ADOPTION (2017/2018)

The new strategic outlook for Movilizer is on helping companies to be successful with the adoption of their mobile strategy and convince the end-user to embrace the new digital tools at hand. It depends on how fast is a user able to find his way through the process flow in the app and which motivation triggers built in the app to convince him to its advantage. It's also going to be very important to be able to understand, what's going on in the field in real-time. 

  • Best practice UX with templates
  • Real-time reporting & reaction
  • Gamification trigger


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