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Unlocking the Capabilities of the Movilizer Cloud

A 24h hackathon was one of the highlights of the Movilizer Days 2016, one of Europe´s biggest enterprise mobility events. The goal was to show the potential of the technology, as well as how easy new business models can be realized with Honeywell Movilizer. In only 24h the six teams impressed the audience with their beta versions and left them amazed.

The annual Movilizer Days event in Mannheim, Germany brought together business leaders and developers for a thought leadership conference focused on enterprise mobility, cloud-based collaboration and Industrial IoT innovations.
The highlight of the event was a hackathon allowing teams to develop innovative ideas with the Movilizer cloud technology - in just 24 hours.

Six teams of 30 professionals - comprising employees, customers and partners - joined to create innovative prototype apps and functionalities based on Movilizer technology. 
"This event goes much deeper than it usually does in a trade fair; it goes directly into the product, said Oliver Lesche, managing director for Honeywell Movilizer. "It's working with the product, delivering results in very short time."

Once the event launched at 9:00 a.m., the teams jumped right to work brainstorming, idea building, coding and developing all while managing to find some time to eat. The following day, the six teams amazed the conference attendees with their app presentations:

  1. Engie Cofely (France) - Amazon AlexaCustomer creating service tickets via Amazon Alexa voice service. 
    The team connected the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant to the Movilizer Cloud allowing users to create service repair tickets in the Movilizer Portal. A consumer with a broken appliance could inform Alexa to request service, which will then be dispatched to an appropriate service technician to find an appropriate time slot.

  2. MoviCoders (Spain) - InspectorgramFighting fraud and illegal trade with visual monitoring at border controls
    The Inspectorgram app allows a border control officer to share pictures of customs checks in real-time and to include specific tags with each image for better search functionalities. This is shared by the whole network of customs officers to offer the possibility of monitoring each case. The image feed allows the user to know the complete hierarchy of items scanned, as well as the origin, destination and current position.

  3. ICT Mobile (The Netherlands) - Gamification: Increasing customer satisfaction with a team scoreboard app
    This app uses gamification as incentive for employees to compete and achieve better customer service. The app includes relevant goals, such as daily tickets, routes, ticket times, compliance protocols and customer feedback. In real-time, the incoming data is displayed on the team scoreboard. Thanks to the connection to the Movilizer Portal, the manager receives analytics, reports, monitoring and evaluation possibilities.

  4. The Config Team (U.K.) - CodingControl: Automatic monitoring and service ticket creation for malfunctioning mobile devices
    Mobile devices are being proactively monitored with the SAP-certified CodingControl solution to discover anomalies and react as soon as possible. As soon as a device such as a printer shows a malfunction, alerts are triggered from CodingControl to Movilizer. The first alert creates a service ticket and dispatches a service technician to visit the site and take care of the device. The second alert notifies the on-site engineer about the broken device and the time slot in which the service technician can replace the device.

  5. Movilitas (Germany / U.S.) - Event Dashboard: Logging all incoming and outgoing data to increase transparency of synchronized data
    Any action in the Movilizer Client is automatically logged and displayed until the relevant data has been synchronized with the Movilizer Cloud. This feature helps to avoid situations in which data has not been synchronized properly with the back-end system, but the field operator assumes his work has been synced and continues with the next task.

  6. Data One (Germany) - Twitter/Sensor Integration: Automating service ticket creation for malfunctioning machines 
    The team developed a way to automate the process of creating maintenance service tickets using data from sensors to reduce the labor associated with manual monitoring. Additionally, the team built a way for customers to use Twitter to create service tickets with a predefined hashtag.


The Movilizer Hackathon provided an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the art of the possible with cloud technology. "It really shows what can be done with focus and a specific task at hand", Taylor Smith, CEO Honeywell Workflow Solutions.

Garrick Fiala, Integration Leader Honeywell Movilizer, was impressed: "All of the sudden the light bulb goes on and the dots get connected. I get it, this is what's compelling. For me, that highlight, this is what makes the event worthwhile."

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