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"We want our clients to focus on their business, we manage the technology."

In the July edition of the Spanish SAP User Group's (AUSAPE) magazine Jordi Campabadal, responsible Sales Manager for the Iberian Peninsula and Southern Europe of Movilizer has given an interview about the product and company. Read the translation of the interview here.

What solutions does Movilizer offer?

We're a German IT company offering a mobility solution that supports any business-critical process in any company. With our cloud solution, companies are able to mobilize their applications and business-critical processes in an agile, safe and fast way. What we offer is a completely new approach of how to deal with the mobile tsunami.

The issue that many companies have to deal with today is that any business strategy has to include mobility; it is no longer optional but an absolute necessity. We usually talk about “Mobile First” in this matter to emphasize that any decision that is taken today either in IT or in the business of any company has to consider the mobility factor.


The technology however is sometimes pretty complex and changes rapidly….

Extremely complex and always changing! The aim of Movilizer therefore is to guarantee the control over that complex situation; with Movilizer, companies are able to separate their own business from the complex technology. This is extremely important: as the technology is changing faster and faster, a company can never adapt their strategy adequately to such changing conditions and can never stop making decisions about future devices and requirements. Companies have to build their mobile strategy on technologies that are able to adapt to future changes of the mobile world.

We don't want our clients to be slaves of the technology they choose today – for their choice closes the doors for any evolution and adaption to future changes in a controlled way.


So how does Movilizer help in those scenarios?

Our platform helps to manage the complexity of the mobile technology (both on a hardware and software level) by separating the mission-critical processes of the client from the current or future technology. As Movilizer manages the technology, our clients are able to concentrate on their business. This way, the technology is no longer a barrier when it comes to the introduction of a mobile strategy.

We want that our clients can focus on their business without thinking about the underlying technology.

What makes the Movilizer Platform special in comparison to other solutions available on the market today?

Any solution that is used by a client for mission-critical processes has to fulfil at least three requirements: first, the solution has to be absolutely reliable and has to guarantee both scalability and data access all the time. The Movilizer platform has a guaranteed service availability and accessibility of the data of 99.9%.

Furthermore, a mission-critical cloud platform has to guarantee complete control over applications and data.

Last but not least important is connectivity: mission-critical applications have to work like a platform for collaboration that connects “any data” with “any person”.


Mobility changes companie's strategies and development habits of applications

You cannot approach mobility projects today the same way like before the mobile revolution. Movilizer offers a solution for the problems that face most companies today in the decision processes regarding mobile applications.

Our clients will not need another IT infrastructure or additional hardware (not even new mobile devices are necessary), they will not need any additional tools or development skills (these are normally already existent in the IT department!). Therefore, our solution is three times faster in development and implementation, allows BYOD (bring your own device), is easily scalable (the platform can grow with the company without affecting the business performance) and as it is device agnostic, the client develops an application one time and it will run on any mobile device.


How does Movilizer help clients that use SAP?

Movilizer actually was born in the SAP context, as it was founded in 2006 by three former SAP employees that worked in the areas of mobility and traceability. Ever since, not only the market, but also the company has changed – however the majority of our clients use SAP. Many of them however also mash-up data from other backend systems with Movilizer.

We offer more than 300 business processes that can be combined to form applications. With these business processes, we cover the 16 main modules of the SAP ERP, like DSD, PM/CS, SD, MM, FSV, Mobile Forms, OER, etc.

As we put great effort in the mobilization of those SAP modules, the time to market in this area is extremely short and therefore very interesting for our clients that use SAP.


Gartner has named Movilizer one of the five Cool Vendors in 2015 in the area of mobile app development. What does this mean for your company?

It shows that our approach in mobility is pragmatic and that it allows the fast creation and simple use of new applications. It further emphasizes the deep and easy integration in SAP, although also other backend systems available on the market (SFDC, Microsoft, Oracle, Planon, Maximo….) can be integrated using Movilizer.

Furthermore, Gartner underlines that Movilizer helps to make the most use of the capacities of today´s mobile devices used, and the simplicity and scalability of the solution.

The recognition by Gartner means a lot of motivation for us and is also challenging us to keep growing that way. It further shows that when the company was created in 2006, the right decisions were made – as today mobility is a critical topic for any company.


That was however not the only good news in the last months…

That´s correct! Our company´s headquarter is in Germany and we were selected for the participation in the German Accelerator program for selected IT companies that helps these companies to speed up their growth and efficient entry in the US market. Being part of that program, Movilizer has now founded a subsidiary in San Francisco at the beginning of July.


Gartner Cool Vendor 2015, Accelerator Program,…. Is there anything else that you would like to emphasize?

Yes! The renowned technology magazine CIO Review that analyses business solutions which could change the business objectives of the companies of the future dedicated its front page article of the June edition to the three co-founders of the company, Alberto Zamora (CPO), Oliver Lesche (CFO) and Joerg Bernauer (CTO), with the striking headline “Movilizer. The cloud for mission-critical mobile apps”. In that edition, they analyze the 20 most promising solutions for business mobility of the year 2015. That shows again the role of Movilizer offering one of the leading solutions on the market.


Tell us more about your customers!

Among our customers, there are well-known internationally acting companies like Coca-Cola (a project with more than 25,000 users with three different process areas: DSD, FS and Vending), John Deere (with more than 7,000 users in Sales and Marketing), Orica (Track & Trace project on a European level for tracing explosives through the whole supply chain), AstraZeneca, Boehringer-Ingelheim and Vestas and more.


How will the company develop in the future?

Our aim is to offer a future-proof technology. What does that mean? It means that we invest a lot into the development of our product and new features, as well as the integration of the latest technologies in order to guarantee our customers the best use of the new technologies, like for example M2M communication or the IoT (Internet of Things). All that comes with our robust cloud architecture for mission-critical apps.

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