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Melbourne, Australia

Orica is the number 1 supplier of commercial explosives in the world. The company is an Australian company with a global footprint, which has a diverse workforce of over 12,500 people, with operations in more than 50 countries and customers in more than 100.

Orica has succesfully rolled out the Movilizer Cloud across their European customer field operations to help them comply with the EU Track & Trace directive that obliged them to keep track of every single explosive down to item level. By implementing automated scanning processes compliance could be achieved.

"The MovicaTT project has been to develop a Track & Trace solution that our customers in Europe are able to use, to comply to the new EU traceability directive. This cloud solution gave us a way to have minimal infrastructure on sites, and is perfectly scalable. For us it's a compliance element, as well as an opportunity to get closer to our customer with our product offerings." Colleen Ning, Programme Manager EMCT. 

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