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Movilizer Connector

A fully integrated mobile solution for the Proof of Delivery life cycle

  • Direct integration to SAP POD for faster, more accurate invoicing and improved cashflow
  • Confirm delivery quantities and record any shortages or damages with photo capture
  • Customer or driver signature, date, time and GPS coordinate capture at point of delivery
SAP-Certified Integration

Business first

Movilizer for SAP POD tackles your business challenges

Improve cashflow

Increase POD accuracy and traceability

Decrease order-to-cash processing times

Increase customer satisfaction

Reduce invoice queries


Powered by Movilizer's Enterprise Mobility Platform for mission-critical apps

  • Configure inside SAP and minimize time to go-live
  • Customize your mobile apps using ABAP
  • Manage the app life cycle from within SAP

Business First

Movilizer manages the technology, you focus on your mobile business

Proven Performance

Enterprise-grade operations for business-critical apps with low TCO

100% SAP

Build, deploy and manage mobile inside SAP with our certified add-on

Future Ready

Our mobile apps run on today's and tomorrow's mobile technology

Making SAP mobile

Features and Functionalities for the Movilizer SAP POD Solution

Request Delivery

  • Enter Load Reference
  • Delivery Details Downloaded From SAP

Unload Delivery

  • Select Delivery
  • Confirm Customer Details
  • Enter Any Quantity Differences
mobilize device

Data Capture

  • Image of Damaged Goods
  • Signature
  • GPS Coordinates
  • All Saved As Attachments in SAP

Complete Delivery

  • Check and Submit Delivery Details
  • Delivery Quantities Uploaded Automatically to SAP
  • Securely mobilizes employees, partners and third parties
  • Lean integration with mobile processes inside SAP
  • Work anywhere with full offline support
  • High usability reduces training and support while improving user satisfaction
  • Any device from legacy industrial to the latest smartphones and tablets
  • Robust, near realtime information empowers your business
  • Flexible and agile to support your process today and in the future
  • Extend beyond POD to WM, MM and other SAP modules

Full support for latest mobile technology

  • RFID Scanning
  • Image Capture
  • GPS Coordinates
  • Dispatching & scheduling tools e.g. SAP MRS
  • 3D Barcode
  • Mobile Lifecycle Management
  • Augmented Reality

Demo: Example screenshots

Scenario Configurator

Scenario Configurator

The Scenario Configurator is part of the Movilizer for SAP Connector and allows you to configure mobile processes inside your SAP
Tablet UI

Tablet UI

The UI adapts to all form factors and makes use of larger screens to display complex processes
Phone UI

Phone UI

Your mobile users navigate through consistent and easy to understand menus on their mobile devices

One app, any device

Today, tomorrow and in the future

Our solutions run on any device from legacy ruggedized handhelds, to smartphones and tablets, Mac Books and laptops, to desktops and browsers - all with the same app. 

  • Use your existing devices
  • Migrate seamlessly to latest devices
  • Support future devices
  • Use different devices for different roles
movilizer on any device

Reinvent your mobile business

future benefits mobilize sap

The SAP advantage

Configure and build mobile apps inside SAP

Build apps using ABAP

ABAP developers can build mobile apps or customize our solutions inside SAP using only ABAP and the Movilizer mobile framework. Work with your existing SAP developers, policies and processes to build apps that run on any device.

Configure inside SAP

Our suite of SAP mobile solutions are fully configurable from within SAP with zero technical skills. All our solutions are fully modular and can be combined to create an exact fit to your business. Manage the mobile life cycle from SAP Our mobile apps can be fully managed and monitored from within SAP, using existing SAP user controls and security.

Beyond SAP

Our platform works with any business system, and our apps seamlessly combine data and functionality from any source to create the mobile business process for your business. You can also go beyond ABAP and use HTML5 to further enhance the user experience.

future benefits gateway

The cloud advantage

A secure gateway to your mobile world

Beyond corporate boundaries

Our platform works as the mobile gateway to your systems and data so you can securely and confidently connect any device, including BYoD and your trusted partners, extending the reach of your business systems beyond existing corporate boundaries.

Start now

Our cloud platform means you can be up and running in hours, possibly even minutes! Simply install the connector for your development environment, be that SAP, Java or .NET and you're ready to build and deploy apps integrated to your business systems. No hardware, no new development environments and no new skills to learn.

Begin small, then go large

The platform insulates your systems from the mobile world, providing security and massive scalability. Build a PoC, a pilot with a few users and then rollout to everyone. True linear scalability means you can go from 1 to 100,000 users with confidence, and without changing anything.

movilizer innovation

The innovation advantage

Be one step ahead in your mobile agenda

Innovation = experimentation

Mobile is accelerating digital disruption, and it's only just started, and that means having the tools, team and attitude to rapidly imagine, test, and learn. Our platform is uniquely architected to drive business innovation, by managing the technology and embedding mobile into your existing business systems.

New ways of working

Crowdsourcing, self-service or just simply connecting your workforce in the field. If you want to collaborate with your consumers, connect your 3rd party suppliers to your ERP, or capture timesheets in the field then our secure gateway and lean integration extends the reach of your business systems to any user on any device.

Ready for tomorrow's technology - Today

Today mobile means smartphones, tablets and ruggedized handhelds, tomorrow maybe wearables, machine2machine and the Internet of Things. Agility and adaptability are the keys to success. Our platform abstracts the technology from the process, which means today's app will run on tomorrow's technology.

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Free your enterprise from standard application boundaries

300+ SAP business processes ready to mix and match

Our SAP mobile apps are based on over 300 reusable functional objects which are created in ABAP using Movelets – Movilizer’s simple building blocks for strategic enterprise mobility. This way you can use a future-proof toolkit for your mobile applications design and you are not bound to the restrictions of standard applications.

Reuse, customize and enhance best practices

Our full suite of mobile solutions for SAP can be configured, customized, mashed-up and connected with non-SAP to build the mobile enterprise that you need.