Track & Trace 2020

A jointly authored guide to implementing Track & Trace in your organization, based on surveying a broad spectrum of organizations and combining the results with our collective insight and implementation experience.

Key Drivers of Track & Trace

The magazine includes:

  • Key elements for a successful track and trace implementation
  • Typical implementation plans
  • Track and Trace basics
  • Use cases from other companies and industries
  • The impact of leaders in the market

In joint authorship with:

Regulation Deadlines are Tight

  Where Why What Who When
Tobacco EU: All cigarettes and roll-your-own products sold or imported into 28 member states Regulation:
  • EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD)
  • Track and Trace at pack level from point of manufacture to retailer, and all distribution points in between
  • Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers (potentially also logistics and transportations)
  • EU-wide compliance May 2019: T&T needs to be live end of 2018
Pharma US, EU and other country specific regulations (e.g. Russia, Egypt) Regulation:
  • US Drug Quality and Security Act 
  • EU Falsified Medicines Directive
  • US: Unit-level serialization and traceabilty
  • EU: Unit-level authentication at pharmacies
  • US: Manufacturers
  • US: Manufacturers / pharmacies
  • US: Manufacturers 2017, Wholesalers 2019, full unit-level Track and Trace solution 2023
  • EU: Manufacturers Feb 2019
Food & Beverage US, EU, Australian & New Zealand food/beverage productions Potential Regulation:
  • China Food Traceability Law 
  • US Food Safety Modernization Act Counterfeiting/Brand Protection/Engagement
  • China: Product serialization/authentication and consumer engagement 
  • US: serialization and potentially traceability
  • US: Manufacturers
  • China: Manufacturers in US, EU, Australian & New Zealand importing to China
  • China/US: Ongoing
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    "Movilizer provided AstraZeneca with a simple and robust operator interface that enabled us to confidently utilize a single global Track & Trace platform without the risk of scanning latency... the fact that it allowed us to operate offline and use multiple scanning devices and languages, gave us the flexibility and adaptability to make the entire program a great success."

    Robin Ashman, GST Deployment Lead Global Supply Chain & Strategy

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    "The MovicaTT project has been to develop a Track & Trace solution that our customers in Europe are able to use, to comply to the new EU traceability directive. This cloud solution gave us a way to have minimal infrastructure on sites, and is perfectly scalable. For us it's a compliance element, as well as an opportunity to get closer to our customer with our product offerings."

    Colleen Ning, Programme Manager EMCT