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Consumer Interaction

Maximize benefits from Big Data when connecting products to customers

Movilizer Marketing

For Business

Serialization has a proven track record of delivering real-time product verification and consumer interaction. Brands have benefited from gaining detailed insight into purchasing patterns of their customers at a specific product level. This allows them to tailor their product offering and their promotional activity.

One of the key benefits of the Movilizer solutions is the ability to create a mobile application once and to deploy it across multiple operating systems simultaneously. It provides the brand owner with the ability to change the application content independently from the app developer and update it in real time.

Movilizer has also created a Loyalty Module which leverages in the existing functionality of the Movilizer Traceability Cloud. It creates an electronic portal for customers to securely participate in:

  • loyalty programs
  • promotions
  • new products
  • coupons

At the same time the brand owner receives real-time business intelligence that was previously not available in a cost effective way.

With many years of experience in this field the Movilizer team has worked with some of the world's largest brands in the field of consumer interaction. This worked has helped them to unleash their creativity to drive brand loyalty and sales.

For IT

With over nine years of experience in serialization and track & trace, Movilizer understands that no single supplier can offer an end-to-end solution and existing components are not always inter-operable.

In addition, brand owners do not leverage their T&T investment to reap other benefits like brand protection or customer engagement and thereby deliver a Return on Investment.

With this in mind Movilizer has created a flexible modular solution that enables brand owners to add functionalities in time to meet the needs of a cross-section of the organization to achieve added value for the investment.