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Regulatory Compliance

Stricter Regulation increases the Need for Track & Trace and Automization

Movilizer Regulatory and Compliance

For Business

In the arena of regulatory compliance we have helped companies in Pharma, Tobacco, and Explosives to achieve compliance. All of these companies have utilized the significant in cross-functional knowledge within Movilizer to reduce time to compliance.

Movilizer has been operating in Track & Trace for more than nine years. It has utilized this detailed expertise to create a new generation serialization and track and trace platform. The system architecture is designed to circumvent the performance limitations of traditional traceability systems that have been adopted to date. This has resulted in a system with:

  • Much higher performance and scalability
  • Significantly smaller IT footprint

The EPCIS compliant platform has been specifically designed to overcome the key challenge of serialization and track and trace, which is the management and storage of large volumes of complex structured data. The schematic outlines the main functionality

For IT

Benefits of the Movilizer technology:

  • Utilizes high-volume tested non-SQL distributed architecture to deliver linear scalability
  • Flexible modular architecture to enable future compliance management
  • Simplifies start-up and investment by offering three options - on premises, via a private cloud or as part of a multi-tenant cloud
  • Out-of-the-box connectors simplify integration with third party ERP and warehouse management systems
  • Seamless integration with the cloud to simplify manufacturing and supply chain data management
  • SOAP & REST API's to facilitate third party systems integration and reporting
  • Ability to migrate existing serialization data to the cloud to create Master Data Repository