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UVE Solutions

Manresa, Spain

UVE Solutions is the leader for indirect distribution software solutions in the Iberian market. With 25 out of the top 50 consumer products brand owners and with over 1,100 distributors from the around 3,500 distributors in Spain among their customers, UVE Solutions is the market leader.

Uve Solutions became a Movilizer partner 2 years ago and has built one of the most strategic products on the Movilizer Platform: MUVE. With MUVE, consumer products companies can connect their own and their distributor's field operations to their ERP systems (e.g. SAP) and at the same time to the UVE Cloud for indirect distribution analytics.

"Being a half-business, half-tech company, we found in Movilizer an ideal partner. Their platform has proved invaluable to bring our products to the market in half the usual time, while allowing us to guarantee extreme SLAs in terms of speed, security and availability. Most of the issues we have to face are already handled by Movilizer's cloud technology, freeing our development team to focus on providing business value to our customers in a very agile way. As a partner, Movilizer strives to build a strong and lasting win-win relationship - something that we consider even more valuable than the robustness and completeness of the platform."

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UVE Solutions