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Wolf & Müller

Stuttgart, Germany

With over EUR 500 million annual turnover and more than 1,600 employees, Wolff & Müller is one of the largest family owned construction company in Germany.

Wolff & Müller has implemented and is rolling out the Movilizer in order to enable hundreds of employees working on different construction sites to order discretionary materials and spare parts via a mobile catalogue. The Movilizer clients for different mobile phones and for laptops are used as the offline-online platform that allows the construction supervisors to order at anytime from anywhere.

"Thanks to Movilizer and within few months we were able to provide to all our construction sites a mobile app to order non-productive goods and equipment from simple mobile phones, tablets and desktops. The solution, which is connected to SAP MM/SD and to Supplier's Product Catalogues in the Cloud works offline/online and was already successfully rolled-out to hundreds of operators in many construction sites within Germany." Mr. Christoph Bohrer, Director of Purchasing, WOLFF & MÜLLER Holding GmbH & Co. KG

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